10 Tips for When You're Unsure What to Blog On

Feeling like writing, writing about..I don’t know what. Just writing and seeing what it turns out as. Gathering ideas, typing slowly to feel and hear what comes to mind that may direct which way to go. I think I have an idea, some tips that may help you when you’re struggling to know what to write about like I am. Here are 10.

  1. Just start writing/typing. Let your fingers flow and just see where it goes. You can always go back and erase it, just start typing.
  2. Background music can help you be calm, or put you in more of a writing mood. This can be any type of music..I use a youtube playlist or put one song on repeat.
  3. Sit or lay comfortably while writing. Relax your body.
  4. Fed. If you’re hungry or thirsty it may not be the best time to write. Growling stomachs, headache, etc typically don’t help you write. Have a snack to eat while writing, or be already fed.
  5. Warm or cool enough. Are you too hot, or too cold. Fix that. Remove or add layers to your body, turn on a fan or use a blanket. This goes along with being comfortable and fed. Being too hot or too cold may cause distraction.
  6. Have everything else done and no obligations for the next few minutes. If you’re thinking about an email you need to write, updating your status on Twitter, that meal you need to cook, being – hungry, tired, cold, or thirsty,.. Take care of those things first, brainstorm while doing those things, then come back and write. For me I struggle to not multi-task while blogging. I’m typically at Church Online or in a conversation with a friend on Facebook or Skype as well. It’s easier when you have no obligations and everything else is off your mind.
  7. Listen to your inner self. What ideas are coming to mind, what are you typing about, what are you hearing?
  8. Type slowly. Until you figure out what you’re writing about type slowly. Allow yourself time to think as you type.
  9. Think. Just think about it, what you could blog about, brainstorm, see what comes.
  10. Use your resources. Could you blog about what’s happening around you, what you ate, something you’re good at, or something you learned recently or know that could help others? Blog about a question someone asked you that could benefit other readers as well. Google for ideas, browse through other blogs, write about a holiday or event coming up. Use your resources.

What are some other ways to come up with a blogging idea when you have none?


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