As I sit here thinking about how to update my status on Facebook using the message from this past weekend, I’m reminded again of my struggle to keep this blog updated.

Facebook isn’t for everything, and some posts need to come from a blog vs right out there. Learned about sharing our struggles and being more real online. It’s time to do that.

I like to think I know everything and that’s the truth but when it comes down to it, that’s not the right attitude. Working on getting back on track. God is the ultimate fixer and knows you best. With any of the following and anything not listed, God has the power to do anything if you allow and let him at it. Just some things are better dealt with in closer community, or your small group.

So, “what do you struggle with?” you’re probably asking.
Here are a few, in no particular order:

– Discernment
– Patience
– Remembering to put God first
– Saying no to Satan
– Thinking I know it all
– Wanting to learn everything
– Excellence or perfection in certain things
– Judging others
– Unorganization
– Getting enough exercise
– Eating right
– Getting off of Facebook at a decent time at night
– Over communication or communication too soon sometimes
– Wanting to be in charge, or, submission
– Spending more time with God
– Letting go completely of past struggles
– Finding things I can do when nobody needs me
– Staying up too late
– Remembering to blog and keeping it updated
– Being real in person
– Long hashtags and being a fun rebel
– Keeping emails, texts, blog posts, …short
– …

What would you add to my list of struggles?

Staying focused on God and giving him everything, I believe is how you conquer the battle. Go where he leads you, follow as he says, keep your eyes on him and not your weaknesses.

Why don’t I share my struggles more often? May be why. Don’t need to focus on them once given to God and shared with those few close others, or whoever needs to know.

Being real is about being authentic. #withGodshelpimaworkinprogress Talk with him, or me, about what I need to work on. God is great at revealing, showing next steps, and getting it done.



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  1. This is a really good blog you did Becky! Loved it!

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