New place, new schedule, new blogging practices

Been wanting to start back to blogging more like I used to a couple years ago. Sharing on what I know, do, am learning, conference notes, etc. Over the last year and few months blogging regularly was hard, and even remembering to was a struggle, as my day consisted of – wake up, get on the bus, bike the rest of the way to work/serve, bike back to the bus, bus time/respond to requests/me time/community time, supper, shower, go to bed, start all over. Now that I’ve moved closer to where I work/serve, as of a few weeks ago, and have no more bus or early bedtime, I have time to just sit or lay here with music in the background and write again. New place, new schedule, new blogging practices.

While I miss riding the bus and seeing my bus family each day I don’t miss the crazy schedule. Advantages and disadvantages. Soon to have home Internet again and excited to get back into the life of more Church Online (different churches and more, evening online conference sessions, more serving time, time with my new roommate whom I’ve known since college, and just simply more blogging time to share with you all.

Goal is to post something at least 3-5 days out of the week and to be myself because, well, nobody wants to read from a faker. Getting back into this world starts right now. Be on the lookout for images of the new place here eventually, maybe tomorrow.

What are some things you’d like to hear from me about? What can you do today to start making changes in an area you’ve been wanting to start or get back to?


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