4 Books I’ve Read Lately On Creativity

Looking for a book on creativity, maybe related to worship, creative ministry, or in your job? These are four I’ve read lately that can easily be applied to almost any creative field and many others. If you’re wanting to learn more about yourself and creativity, I’d recommend these books. They’ve helped open my eyes to this field as well as finding that I’m not alone in this creative way of thinking. Check them out!


Posted on June 8, 2013, in Books and quotes. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. michaelcbush

    Anything Popped out to you that minister to your Spirit?

    • Oh yah. Was able to relate a lot of what the books were talking about back to ministry. Untitled was really the only one related to creative ministry in general, the others are more creative such as the work place outside of church. Took what I learned and applied it to ministry. Mostly just realized that there are others who think the way I do and was finally able to find books on what I was looking to read about. Creativity books are good.

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