#Verge13 Session 4 Notes – Culture and Disciple Making – Alan Hirsch & Michael Frost

Alan – 

  • It is more than just Jesus in my heart, that is part of it. It is about God’s eternal purpose in the world today.
  • Don’t focus on the evangelism part. Focus on discipleship.
  • Christology is the key. Jesus is the answer.
  • Discipleship means adherence to Christ. 
  • Christianity without the living Christ is inevitably Christianity without discipleship and Christianity without discipleship is always Christianity without Christ.

Michael – 

  • You can’t extend it [God’s reign]. It’s complete. 
  • You are nothing more than window cleaners. 
  • Discipleship is what God does to make us useful in His Kingdom so that we all can know that our God reigns



* These are my notes and may or may not be the speaker’s exact words. 

To learn more about Alan or Verge 2013 check out –


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  1. LOVE the last point from Alan. Amen!

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