Laying down the longing for approval

It’s been one of those weekends. Feeling sad to feeling glad to realizing why Satan was attacking. Reaching out to friends, serving online, learning new things through online conferences, and networking with other kidmin, church online, and conference friends. It’s been a good weekend so far overall, and productive.

At we’ve been learning about our Altar Ego and and laying things down. This weekend just happens to be laying down our longing for approval. We can’t please everyone but we can please God. Listening to this message at Church Online tonight and reading through the notes I find that this one is truest to me.

I am a people pleaser. I like to make people happy and focus on others rather than myself. I think it’s a part of who we are, that need for acceptance and approval. A healthy version and an unhealthy. I’m thankful that with God’s help I’ve discovered that sometimes when we want attention it’s just Satan trying to keep us up at night, distract us, or keep us from accomplishing better things.

Thinking about my longing, and maybe yours, some of the message points are very helpful. If you haven’t heard the message yet stop here and go watch the message, if you have continue reading.

– “How do we overcome the disease to please?” – We

  1. “Focus on pleasing God instead of pleasing people.” 
  2. “Live from the approval of God instead of for the approval of people.”

I don’t think my longing is necessarily unhealthy but could always be better. This week my goal is to remember these two points, especially with Satan attacking a lot and approval being another big weakness i’m just now realizing from this angle.

How do you overcome Satan when he tempts us that we need attention/approval? We remember 1 and 2, and who God says we are.

This is my goal and what I’ve learned so far. How about you? What have you learned this weekend or from another week of Altar Ego?


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