“Why didn’t you come sooner?” – Undaunted


These questions on page 22 of Christine Caine’s book, Undaunted have been speaking to me since the first day I read them, a couple days ago. “Why didn’t you come sooner?” If the God you speak of is true.. Can’t help but think of the girls in my community who are slaves to sex trafficking.

I don’t know all the right terminology and still trying to figure out and overcome why you wouldn’t want to be a slave, but through this book and what I’ve learned over the past couple years about sex slavery, and especially now, I think it’s time to worry more about rescuing them than wondering about the what, huh?, and why.

There are girls in my own community and in yours who need our help. They can’t come to us, they may not even realize what’s happening to them is bad, we must go to them.

Haven’t figured out just yet how to rescue those in my community but I know God has a plan. If I’m going to claim to be a disciple of God I can’t just sit around and let it happen here. It’s time to dream, invite God to show us how, and follow. There are girls who need our help.

“Why didn’t you come sooner?”

Now that you know, or maybe were already aware, what’s your next step?

Overcoming the Enemy part 2 – this is it. Read an inspiring book, believe the impossible, become “undaunted”!


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  1. I just heard that a lady from my Church Sis. Janet just posted on Facebook that quote “A friend from New Orleans just called me to tell me to pray for the sex trafficking going on in New Orleans because of the Superbowl. They bring these people into the city to be used for sex, as young as 4 years old. People of God we need to be doing some serious praying about this. This is from the pits of hell.” Let’s Pray for New Orleans that nothing will Happen in the name of Jesus.

  2. Hey Becky! It’s your cousin Bethany 🙂
    This problem has also been on my heart. I currently partner with Christine Caine’s A21 organization. I’ve been working on ideas to raise cash. It’s so heart breaking!

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