Overcoming the Enemy – Pt 1 -Accountability

Just thinking about life. Great and busy combined with spreadsheets, kids, church, and sleep.

Thinking recently about how life’s been since I last blogged, what Satan has to been up to, and how I may be able to encourage anyone struggling best and realized that he hasn’t been after me as much lately.

“What shall I talk about then,” I thought, knowing I had started a new series and not having updated yet. As I began to type I soon discovered exactly what to share about. I don’t have secrets but the Holy Spirit does make a great guide. Why I’m not being attacked as much and the step I took that you can take as well, is what this post is about. Keep reading!

Step 1 for me in My Story for this year, what I started doing was to ask for accountability in a couple areas where he was attacking. Why battle life alone when telling someone or knowing you’re reporting daily or weekly will help you to better defeat him?

Since asking for accountability several days ago I’ve noticed that he’s been attacking less and it’s a lot easier to say no when he does.

If you’re struggling with Satan’s attacks or having a hard time saying no to something not good in this new year, I’d encourage you to tell someone and also ask for accountability. It really helped me and I believe it can help you too.

Don’t stand alone this year. Start doing that one thing you know you need to do to make this year even better. My first thing is accountability, what will yours be?


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