What are you expecting this year? – Battle plans, My Story wk1, and keeping Satan right where he belongs

Are you recognizing that it’s January again? May be a time
of New Years resolutions, fasting, starting something new, or a month Satan always tries to attack because of how you’re starting.

For me it’s a month of starting right, a couple online conferences, focusing on and seeking after God, and sometimes a typical time to talk about defeating Satan/overcoming the enemy here on the blog.

This year, due to some things I’ve been discovering lately am considering taking a new approach. Sharing about the power we have in Christ over our enemy, creating a battle plan, and keeping Satan where he belongs.

Recently finding myself in prime area for attack Satan took his opportunity. His ideas may sound fun and tempting but my God is so much bigger. He’s staying right where he belongs. Learned in church services this morning about our story and living the story we want our lives to tell, what Jesus what our life to tell as well. Satan is not going to be part of my story this year and he’s not going to win. He’s going to run away and hide and stay beneath my feet. I’m starting this year with an intentional battle plan. Why? So that when he comes and attacks, I’m ready.

January, a month full of mountain experiences, I’m expecting . Expecting for the new year.

Do you know what story you want your life to tell this year? Are you expectant? Do you have a battle plan? It’s going to be a great year with our King. Expect, and be ready.


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