A few things I’ve been learning with the #kidmin on Sunday’s

Ever noticed how much you learn right along with the kids when serving or teaching them? Do you learn as much as they do during kids services on the weekends? This is what I’ve been finding. I love serving with kids and the very things they are learning I can often apply to my own life as well. These are a few things I’ve been learning –

August – Go 2012 – with 6yrs-4th grade

Our mission is to –

  • Spread the message of Jesus.
  • To share Jesus’ love through our example.
  • To show them Jesus’ love through our service.
  • To lead them to Jesus by telling our story.

In September with the 6yrs-4th graders we’ve been in a series titled, “Nitro 2.0” – a series on obedience. Been learning that –

  • Disobedience breaks our relationship with God.
  • God deserves our complete obedience.
  • When you honor your leaders you’re honoring God.
  • It’s ok to obey because He loves us and made us.

With Go 2012 and Nitro 2.0 learning about telling others about Jesus and obedience these have been the main “point” of each week. At times I’ve been tempted to do bad things and I remembered that “disobedience breaks our relationship with God” and knew that I didn’t want to disobey. These are simple phrases but great for remembering during the week and when easy or hard things come your way. Not just for the kids but for us too.

Then with the littler kids on Sunday evenings we’ve been learning that “I Can Obey.” Learning how Joshua obeyed God and led the people to march around the wall and made lots of noise and the walls fell down, and then tonight we learned how Gideon obeyed God when he gathered an army, sent some men home, and then they blew their trumpets and crashed their jars and the enemy ran away. In both situations Joshua and Gideon both obeyed God. The kids are learning that they can obey, learning about characters in the Bible, and some talk on applying it to their own life along with lots of play, songs, colorings, and crafts.

I love the kids lessons. Whether I’m sitting in the room as a helper and listening along or teaching the lesson to the children I’m learning a lot. Also been learning on the weekends in the adult service about finances, money, and tithing. Putting God first with our money. One of the best phrases that has stuck out to me that has been mentioned often in this series is, “Money serves us as we serve God. We don’t serve money. We serve God.” 

Telling others about Jesus, obedience, and I Can Obey with the children; and learning about money with the adults, it’s been great. What have you been learning in your church or the age group/ministry you serve with? 


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