Network Summit 2012 – Session 1 – Layne Schranz

Layne Schranz – Church of The Highlands

8 Characteristics In Healthy Growing Churches –

  1.  Empowering Leadership – every church has to have leadership. The key is empowering leadership.
    • 2 Corinthians 5:17-20
    • The old goes away, the new comes. You are a minister. You have the message. You are an ambassador.
    • Do you believe in the people in your church like God does?
    • If we’re going to talk about empowering leadership, we’re going to talk about giving ministry away.
    • Look at the people in your church like Jesus looks at them.
    • Empowering the people to do the ministry even though they probably aren’t qualified.
    • Do you have an empowering environment or a witholding environment?

Action points –

    1. Encourage free market thinking. any idea is a good idea.
    2. Allow them to challenge the process but not the vision. Empowered leaders need a way to communicate ideas. Letting leaders.
    3. Create an atmosphere of encouragement.

2. Gift oriented ministry.

    • Are we allowing people to serve in their area of gifting or passion?

Action points –

    1. Do away with needy volunteerism mentality.
    2. Have a process where they can discover their gifts.
      • If a pastor is doing ministry they have taken it away from someone in the church who can do it.
    3. We are to equip the saints to do the ministry.
      • Staff are to equip the people to do the ministry.

3. Passionate Spirituality.

    • Are we passionately in love with Jesus and his church?
    • Passionately spirituality starts with us as leaders.
    • It’s got to start with us.
    • Can people tell you are in love with Jesus?

Action points.

    1. Lead by example.
    2. Develop self feeders.
    3. Celebrate changed lives. – Tell stories.

4. Functional Systems and Structures.

    • Are they easy, obvious, and strategic?

Action points –

    1. Clear vision and values.
    2. Solid government and financial practices.
    3. Create systems that deliver the vision.

5. Inspiring Worship Service.

    • Is the worship service an inspiring worship service for those who attend it?

Actions points

    • Laugh more.
    • Create comfort by focusing on excellence.
    • Embrace a spirit of generosity.

6. Holistic Small Groups –

    • Are you really building community? Are your people really connected?

Action points –

    1. Broaden ministry experiences to fit everyone. Allow for multiple types of small groups. Empower those with the idea. Using a free marketing system. – Saying yes to everything inside of people. If others are interested and want it they’ll join, if they don’t the small group will go out of business. When people get to do their passion they don’t burn out.
    2. Focus on relationships not curriculum.
    3. Create a new way for people to get involved with small groups.

7. Need Oriented Evangelism.

Action points –

    1. Keep the lost the main focus of your attention.
    2. Communicate what those points are. – Communicate about the lost and missions.
    3. Understand why people don’t go to church.

8. Loving Relationships.

    • Do we really love people?

Action points –

    1. Make yourself and your team available for people.
    2. Tell stories.
    3. Create a high touch environment.


* These are my notes and may or may not be Layne’s exact words. 

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