Network Summit 2012 – Creating an Effective Worship Environment #ns2012

Creating an Effective Worship Environment – Breakout Session 3 – with Derrick Henslee

Speaker 1 –

  • Excellence
  • Tools –
    • Utilize tools like Planning Center.
  • Bring 100% –
    • If you’ve got it, you bring it. If you use it at your church use it when playing anywhere else too.

Speaker 2 –

  • Make the experience flow from beginning to end.
    • Use your lightning, use your sound, but make sure it flows from beginning to end.
  • Keep it fresh –
    • Can change stage positions, etc. It’ll keep it fresh for people.
  • Let new people connect with something.
    • How can I make them connect? New people aren’t going to know all the church songs. Little ways to make them connect within the experience such as a video you play or playing a line in secular song during a transition.

Speaker 3 –

  • Be Authentic.
    • We have to be authentic to who God has called us to.
  • Excellence.
    • We have to raise the standards of excellence in our church.


* These are my notes and may or may not be the speakers exact words. 

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