Network Summit 2012 – Breakout Sessions 1 & 2 notes #ns2012

Breakout Session 1 – “Ideas for Team Development” – Ginger Bogaski


  1. Identifying where you are right now. – What are your areas of strength and your areas of weakness? What are you passionate about? What is the common feedback (positive & negative) that you receive?
  2. Identifying where you want or need to be.
  3. Coming up with a plan.
  4. Following up on your plan.

Principles of Personal Growth:

  • Personal growth and expectations begin with the selection process.
  • Personal growth is born out of self-awareness.
  • People grow best when they own their growth.
  • Every staff member is a steward of what God has given them, so they are expected to bring their best every day.
  • Collaborative Development: A team member and team leader working together to achieve a goal of development for the team member; a shared effort and a shared win.

Ideas for Staff and Team Development:

  • Don’t let Teachable Moments pass you by.
  • Challenging Assignments.
  • Learn About a Team Member.
  • Quarterly Team goals.
  • Commonly Read Books.
  • Open the Door to Feedback Conversations.
  • One Question to the Team.

* The notes from this session were copied directly from the handout. These were the main points (basic outline) and do not include the text that went with each one. 

Breakout Session 2 – “Tech Matters”  JT. Murrell

  • We always need to think about the why.
  • We should be able to clearly articulate our why.
    • Start with your purpose.
    • Innovations come from limitations.
    • Be creative with ways you push through budget limitations.
  • Successes are tied to the why and how clearly we articulate the why.
  • Context – Don’t copy others. Learn how they think.
    • What do you have that you can use to pull off an idea you saw somewhere else?

*These are simply my notes and may or may not have been the speakers exact words. 


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