What have I been up to lately? – learning, waiting, and bus rider community

Wondering what I’ve been up to lately beyond 140? This post is for you!

Haven’t written much lately but the short summary would be God, serving, keeping busy, hanging out with kids, and simply put “waiting.”

While I’m Waiting by John Waller puts it well. My waiting phase is a little different but mostly just adding busyness vs peacefulness which the voices declare well. They sound peaceful vs busy. Learning that sometimes you have to do less to do more. Have been thinking about delegation, elimination, and being more open to allow God more room to move and for preparation. Envisioning whatever may be coming next and attempting to follow as God’s ways are better than mine and if he nudges to eliminate or delegate there is likely a good reason. ..preparation..

On top of this, bus rider community and fellowship present themselves daily when you are looking and ready. Seeing and seizing these moments has been an eye opener. Learning that riding the bus and biking is a mission field. Whether it’s waiting for a late bus, talking about a wreck one was in earlier this week, the bus being full enough that we have to sit next to another person vs alone, or the typical conversations cyclists have when two bikers are both putting bikes on the bus and helping one another or whether I’m in school or not because I’m carrying a backpack. Finding common ground with other riders who typically start the conversation or saying hi to someone else who rides regularly is great. You see a lot of sharing and community going on here. They aren’t always the best things to share but the fact that they aren’t afraid to ask and the community being community and sharing with one another, as well as how awesome our drivers are, is amazing. Have the opportunity to share about God and LifeChurch.tv a lot due to where I’ve come from, why I have a bike with me, or what I’m wearing. The goal though isn’t to tell people about God all the time but rather to share through being in community and letting it happen naturally. How do you help others become fully devoted followers of Christ in the bus community? You be yourself, interact with community, and seize the opportunities as they come..sharing naturally. It’s one of the things I’ve been up to lately..bus community.

This has been the short summary of what has been happening beyond 140. In what ways have you seen God working in your life lately? 


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