Slideshow of Church Online Big Show 2012

Are you a Church Online volunteer? Were you at Big Show (volunteer recognition event) online, or in person this past Friday/Saturday? Would you like to see images..all in one place? See the slideshow below!

Big Show this weekend was awesome. Getting to hang out and meet so many volunteer friends, in person, was great. Seeing them, learning who they are, chatting, getting to know the Church Online staff better, and just having fun, and worship and training of course was fun!

If you’re currently not a Church Online volunteer you should be. Not just so you can join us in person for next years Big Show, but because serving online is tons of fun. Serve on a team with great people, make a difference around the world, and help others become fully devoted followers of Christ. You could make a difference in the life of someone in Japan or Afghanistan or Mexico, or maybe even your neighbor, or significant other. Serving is great. If you’re not a volunteer, check out, read through the two options (Experience or Response Team), then start the application process. Not so sure about this yet? At least come check out the Experience sometime at and chat with us! Church Online Big Show 2012.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photo credits..mine. Many other volunteers and staff have photos too; you can check out their Facebook pages or ask around.

What was your favorite part of Big Show 2012? Do you have a link to your images. 


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