At The Movies + what’s happening + birthday (+ pics)

Lots of amazing things have been happening lately. From applying for a job at the beginning of the week to birthday, an interview, and hanging out with great friends at the end of the’s been good. If you are someone who is looking to keep up with me beyond Facebook and Twitter this is a post for you. Check out the bullet points and images’s what’s happening!

  • Sunday – full day of church, learning more on Pro Presenter, and children
  • Monday – enjoyed walking in the coolness of morning, applied for a job at a daycare center, visited a new library, hung out at #kidminchat (Twitter chat for those who serve/work in Children’s Ministry..Monday mornings 9:30am)
  • Tuesday – fun biking, serving with friends, and talking with another person who rides the bus
  • Wednesday – biked a new route, checked out a couple other daycares, visited the library, worked on Pro Presenter and saw some friends,
  • Thursday – did a lot of walking, had an interview, figured out some things for school, enjoyed learning new things with those I serve with, was reminded of a song from a band I haven’t listend to in awhile (Reveal by Foundation Red), helped my roommate put together some new furniture
  • Friday – biked 9 miles around Lake Heftner in the coolness of the morning with many other cyclists, walkers, and runners, visited another new library, talked with mom, rode a new bus route, met a friend who rides the bus, visited a mall, hung out in the pool with a guy who decided he liked me and a bunch of children
  • Saturday – today – slept in, worked on a project, hung out at the pool with some new young friends, went At The Movies campus hopping to their two Tulsa campus’, saw a friend I haven’t seen in a very long time, finished the book “Never Eat Alone” by Keith Ferrazzi, received inspiration/vision for the future during worship at one of the campus’, celebrated my birthday with friends and my roommate (surprise party), and now blogging
  • Sunday – tomorrow – looking forward to church experiences all morning and helping with the kids at night.

This is just a glimpse of what I’ve been up to and thinking about without all the details. God is doing some great things in my life, preparing me for the future, meeting new people, thinking about community, my community, bus community, serving community, and so much more. Can’t wait to see what happens next and follow wherever God is leading. If you can use encouragement today know that it is okay to trust God and talk with him about your life and feelings, let him guide, and follow where he leads. It may be scary at times but he knows the way through the dark when you’re not sure what is happening..he has good plans for your life.

The following are images of Northwest and South Oklahoma City campus‘, the side table I helped put together, Lake Heftner, Tulsa campus‘, and my birthday. It’s been a good week. Has your week been good? 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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