“…at the sound of your great name..”

Sitting down during worship team practice this morning listening to the song Your Great Name by Michael Neale and Krissy Nordhoff over and over making sure the slides were in the right place, I came across something. Have been listening to this song over the past month and was just now seeing this. One service after another running slides God continued to reveal the same truth. There is power in the lyrics we see, hear, and sing. Especially this song and others we have sung recently. Check this out –

“..Every fear has no place, at the sound of your great name

The enemy he has to leave, at the sound of your great name

All the weak they find their strength, at the sound of your great name

..Sick are healed and the dead are raised, at the sound of your great name”

 Do you see a theme here? It’s at the sound of Jesus’ name. Fear, Satan (the enemy), the weak, sickness..at the sound of Jesus’s name the opposite happens. Fear has no place, Satan has to leave, weak become strong, sick people are healed. There is power in Jesus’ name.

Thinking about how these lyrics and the rest of the song applied to scripture it’s pretty cool how they come together. One place in scripture it talks about our tongues having the power of life or death. Another place it talks about Jesus being our healer. Other places mention that we have power to do even greater things than Jesus did, as his followers, through his Holy Spirit. It also says that he is our helper, provider, protector, guide, and that we have power over Satan.

At the sound of His great name – fear has no place.

At the sound of His great name – the enemy has to leave.

At the sound of His great name – the weak become strong, sick are healed, dead are raised.

It’s so true. Just thinking about all the times during the day I command Satan to get behind me, the line here, “the enemy he has to leave..” I don’t have to wonder if he will leave when I have the power and authority through Jesus to command it, know from James 4 that if we resist Satan he will flee from us, and that he has to leave at the sound of Jesus’s name. It’s not a question. It’s a truth I can stand on and so can you.

Claim the truths from this song and others you’ve heard lately. Believe the truth. Stand on what the Bible says. And keep on standing.

..At the sound of Your great name…

What song lyrics have you been listening to lately? Have you noticed how they are shaping your thoughts or helping you claim the truth of God’s Word? 


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