Just sitting here reading blog posts, responding to messages, and writing emails that need to be written. Thinking about the past few days since I’ve posted and today as well. Biking up and down hills with bike brakes that slowed you down but didn’t completely stop you, great rides through a couple parks, hanging out with a team I serve with, talking with a lady whom I often ride the bus with while we were waiting for the driver to return and let us on, eating pizza with my roommate, and biking down the trails at a park near the apartment with a friend and talking while biking has been my day. 

Been thinking about other things in life like how much I love the church here, how much fun it is to help set up for our upcoming series, meeting new people, serving with the kids and tech teams, learning new things, and making new friends as well as considering where I am with God and learning more about serving with kids. 

It’s not just job applications these days, lots of fun, trusting God, biking, and friends happening too. The bus here is great compared to having none where I was before, and life is good. Can’t wait til Sunday, my first favorite day of the week, and whatever happens next. Doing life with God is awesome. 



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  1. Prayers for Safety and that God’s Angels watch over you in Jesus name, Amen!

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