Embracing the First Things – try it before you need it

What do sleeping through your alarm clock, missing your bus, not knowing your way around a new town, and visiting a new library have in common? Embracing the changes of a new location and trying things before you need it.

Was out and about the other day, had plans to be somewhere at specific times, and thanks to those things, getting off at the wrong location, and visiting a new library while waiting for the next bus my day was modified. Thankfully though it wasn’t a “need” to be somewhere, just the way things were planned; if it had been an interview or job I would’ve been in trouble.

If you’re new to your area make sure to learn your way around, ride the bus system, bike the route your planning to bike, etc before you need it. That way you have a chance to mess up and learn if things are different than you expect as well get familiar beforehand. Embrace these changes and know that if you’ve done similar things as I did the other day..you’re not alone.

Have you ever had experience with missed buses or not knowing your way around town? What did you do?


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