Embracing the First Things – God, serving, and sleep!

Having been here just over a week now a lot has happened and first things are starting to become not so first anymore. We’ve met our neighbor’s upstairs..they are very nice, been biking a lot, rode the bus, have become involved in the church, and continue the job application process. It almost feels like I’ve been here a lot longer than I have because of all my friends and everything here.

Yesterday, Sunday, was my favorite day of the week so far…it’s church services..all day long and the best part is being involved. Learning about their kids ministry and going through training to serve, attempting to run slides during worship team practice and then at a later experience (service), observing how they run slides during a couple of the others, visiting another church, and hanging out with my roommate and friends later in the evening made a great day. The best thing about Sundays is God, and serving, and church..so much fun, I can’t wait for next Sunday!

I’m finding very much that when embracing the changes of transition, especially with moving or relocating, that being high on God, serving, and sleep are all very helpful. Not just serving at church but also spending much needed time alone with God as well, and getting your needed sleep. Hanging out at the church building working on the set design for the next series with others is a lot of fun as well, will post pictures this weekend or soon when they are public and I can!

Serving is fun. If you are in transition, find a place in your new community to serve and get to know people. Don’t isolate yourself, get involved..it’s a lot of fun!

What are some of your first changes during transition? What do you think of these three?


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