Embracing more First Things

For my family, friends, and anyone attempting to keep up with me..these are some first things.

– Walking about 10 miles all around the extended area.
– Biking through part of a shorter bike trail.
– Riding the bus, chatting with friendly people, and learning it’s really not as bad as some say it is.
– Using an umbrella.
– Visiting another library.
– Filling out or returning more job applications.
– Listening to the end of a concert in the park and catching up with a friend.
– Attempting to learn ProPresenter and other media stuff.
– Waiting on Internet.
– Helped make something cool for the next series at LifeChurch.tv.
– Ate Apple Butter on a bagel.
– Met some more people.

If you’re going through a time of transition, embrace the first things.


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