5 Ways to Embrace Change Before and During Transition

What should you do during times of transition..before and during? How do you decide if this transition is for you? What do you do?

Recently a couple churches in my home town have been going through times of transition, I’ve been transitioning, and a couple of my friends were going through transitions as well. I don’t know everything but from what I’ve experienced, and possibly heard elsewhere, here are 5 ways to embrace change that I’ve found helpful –

1. Talk with someone you trust. During times of transition..when  you’re first trying to figure out what you’re doing..to transition or not transition..talking with someone you trust really helps. This could be a coworker, someone you serve or lead with, a person on your team, youth leader, parent, etc. For me I turn to a someone I regularly chat with anyway, someone who believes the same as me and will pray and believe with me through it. Talk with someone you trust about it.

2. Pray and spend time alone with God. Tell God what you are feeling, your thoughts, and just pour out your heart to him. Spend time alone with him reading the Bible, listening to worship music, claiming his promises, and thanking him for what you can’t yet see. I’m not saying to blab it and grab it but His Word is true. If he says he is our provider or healer than he is, claim it, believe it, stand on it, and do your part. Focusing on the positive when considering, knowing, and during transition does make embracing change easier. Being in church services regularly  and allowing God to lead and be center through it all helps as well. “..draw near to God and he’ll draw near to you.” Being close to God really does help. It helps with transition, to be able to hear his voice and where he is leading, as well as a comfort during uncertain times. Spend time with God.

3. Research it. Research the new job opportunity, church, town or whatever you are considering transitioning to. If this was a transition you couldn’t help such as someone dying try becoming familiar with the topic and how to transition during this time; if it was a friend who moved you could research where they are going, things in their area, or talk and keep in touch with them. Researching the transition in my situation was looking at the city, what was around, apartments, job opportunities, and much more. Research helped me learn about the area and get familiar with things. Could I imagine myself being there, would it be the right spot, did it have what I would need (Ex. if public transportation is a necessity make sure they have public transportation)? Research it.

4. Think about it. You’re talking with someone you trust, spending time with God and allowing him to lead, researching your transition, and now thinking about it as well. Think think think, don’t let it become a worry to you, but sometimes the more you think and reflect on it the more you’ll become excited, find more things to research, or maybe decide that the transition isn’t right for you, needs to happen later on, or find something else. I did these things as well as a lot of thinking for months before knowing for sure what I was doing. You may not always have tons of time to think and consider transitioning but you also don’t want to make a hurried decision especially if it’s something big. Think about it.

5. Be in community/network with others. Serving, being in community, and staying involved where you already are may be helpful. Whether before, during, or after having something where your focus is on helping others is good. This is almost like a balancing point, at least for me anyway. It’s a time where you have something in common with others outside of the transition. Find an open basketball court, go to the football games, serve on a team at your new church, .. be involved. Another aspect to this goes along with research which is to network with others who are going through similar things as you often find you’re both helping each other as it can be a comfort to know that you’re not alone and can share feelings with each other. Networking with others in your area of transition such as reading blogs, participating in Twitter chats, etc can be helpful as well. Be in community and network with others.

What would you add to this list? What are some other ways to embrace change before or during times of transition?


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