Embracing the “last things”

If you’ve ever moved, changed jobs, gone to school, or had a friend die, you’ve been through some “last things.” Maybe it was your last time you’d ever see your neighbor or friend before they moved. Maybe it was the last time you’d be able to hug or talk with your loved one. Maybe it was your last time to serve or be a part of your job, ministry, or church. Whatever the situation, we’ve all been through last things especially when it comes to smaller things like your last time to swim for the year, or last time in your grade at school.

This is what I’ve been seeing a lot of lately, “last things.” Dad has been pointing them out for awhile now so thought I’d share some of these things as a way to remember my journey as well as be an encouragement or help to you, or at least make you laugh!

Last time –

  • Putting together the song slides and running PowerPoint at my home church.
  • Eating homemade pizza with my family.
  • Running around the neighborhood.
  • Serving with the 3rd grade teacher I’d been helping at the elementary.
  • Seeing the kids in her ^ class and being at that school..at least for awhile..
  • Hanging out with the 0-4 year olds at my second church.
  • Worshiping with this ^ congregation on a Sunday morning.
  • Biking all over town, the neighboring town, and the bike trail attempting to make 20+ miles.
  • Subbing for our church secretary.
  • Serving with a long time worship team and sign language interpreting friend in the children’s ministry Sunday evenings.
  • Making cookies with dad.
  • Hanging out with all my little cousins.
  • Jumping on our trampoline with dad.
  • Playing keyboard with the Worship Team..last day at practice, Sunday morning, and 2nd hour…
  • ….

Many memories have been made over the years and especially within the last couple of weeks. At least in my situation..you don’t realize how much everyone loves you and how much you’ll be missed until soon before you go. .. a story for another time.

Maybe you’re going through a similar situation right now with “last things” whether it’s ministry transition..following the Holy Spirit’s promptings, relocating, changing jobs or school. Embrace  the last things you are experiencing and enjoy them. It may be easy, sad, or hard..depending on the last thing..I do believe this is normal. Embrace the last things.

What are some of the last things you’ve experienced lately?


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