Family Ministry Curriculum (4 of 4) – OPEN

Does free high quality children’s ministry curriculum sound great to you? How about choosing a series of your choice every 3-5 weeks on the topic of your choice? If so, series from OPEN may be for you!

Logging on to the OPEN website, clicking on the newest series (or the one you choose to use) for your age group, downloading the resources, reading through the Series Notes, and getting excited about starting the series in your ministry is a picture of getting started with their resources. I don’t have personal experience using these but have studied many of them and just reading through them makes you want to use them!

Some of the highlights of kids series from OPEN is that they are –

  • Free
  • Fun
  • Easy to download
  • Video driven
  • Interactive
  • Includes small group, singing, games, stations, and Bible memorization
  • Has take home cards that include the scripture verse and other activities the kids can do to earn points
  • Is great for a small group or a large group of children
  • Isn’t cheesy
  • Great for getting volunteers involved with and includes an easy to follow experience guide so volunteers know what happens when (schedule)
  • Considers kids with a short attention span
  • Keeps kids moving and engaged (no sit down for 30 minute lessons)
  • Gives the opportunity for kids to choose salvation most weeks if not weekly
  • Is great for first timers as well as those who come each week
  • Perfect for any kid
  • Has series that dig into deeper topics
  • …..

The highlights of kids series from OPEN are endless, they may not be perfect but they are awesome. If you’re looking for high quality curriculum for your children’s ministry I’d recommend their series.OPEN also has free series for your youth and adults, including small group series, messages for your services (Saturday evening/Sunday morning), as well as curriculum I’m just now diving into that is year long quality curriculum for your 2 to 5 year olds separated by age. Story books, playdough, snacks some weeks, coloring pages, crafts, and games that directly relate to a Bible story each week, I’d say it’s high quality, also perfect for daycare, a preschool program in your church, or teaching your children at home.

One of the best things I love about the kids series, related to family ministry, is the take home cards. Not only is this a way to earn points or remember the point from that week, but is also a good way for the kid and adult to connect and possibly discuss or learn more at home. This could be like a connecting piece for those wanting to do family ministry.

Are you convinced yet? Visit, create a free account (it’s easy) and download the Series Notes, Experience Guidelines, and Take Home Cards (aka Challenge Cards) for one of the series for 06 to 11 year olds and check it out. I think you’ll love it!

Have you used kids series from OPEN, or are you interested? Would love to hear your experience below.

__________ OPEN – Facebook, Twitter, Website

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