Family Ministry Curriculum (3 of 4) – Orange, 252 Basics

Are you looking for a family ministry curriculum that has a lot of games, many options, is fun, and has large group and small group options? 252 Basics from Orange may be for you.

Having personal experience with 252 Basics, even though we modified it, I can say that this curriculum has the potential of being great for your ministry whether large or small, or can easily be used for a group of kids you just want to do the games with. One of the downsides of Orange curriculum is that it is expensive, however an upside is that you get a lot with it and it appears to be a one time payment for the year. Another great thing about Orange curriculum is that each of your age groups birth-college can use it. Instead of having separate curriculum, websites, and a place to order for each group you can get it all in one place. 252 Basics is simply what is used for the elementary age group.

Orange does have a downside of being hard to follow with what you need to copy, what is needed for the lesson, and trying to sort through all the materials on the site, however once you get it figured out, especially if you’re using all the elements they provide, it’s not so hard. It’s also a curriculum that includes the option of a video element.

If you are from a denomination that doesn’t teach in depth about certain topics such as the Holy Spirit, salvation, and other areas that many churches disagree on this curriculum is also good there. You can modify it to add in the deeper stuff if you teach that or easily leave it out. At least with 252 Basics they don’t cover in depth about any of this and is mostly driven towards games or activities that go with that weeks lesson.

One of the things I really liked about using 252 Basics was their themes for each month. With each theme whether honesty, generosity, or another it gives an easy definition as well as scripture verse that the kids can learn.

It’s a very easy curriculum to modify for your specific class and is another I’d recommend, unless you really want the deeper teaching included or would prefer more teaching vs games/activities. Either way check it out!

If you’re interested in learning more about what Orange is and how they combine family ministry and the church check out this video from YouTube that explains it well. –

Have you used Orange curriculum? What did you think, what did you like about it? 


252 Basics – Facebook, Twitter, Website

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