Soul Detox + pizza + sister’s wedding + God + ……

Some say you have time for what you make time for. I say you do have time for whatever you make time for, however sometimes other things on the priority list should come first. This much to say that blogging has taken a backseat lately and may for awhile. God is calling me to some new things and probably once I get settled in you’ll hear more from me.

For now, here’s what’s been happening in no particular order –

  • Reading Soul Detox by Craig Groeschel
  • Sister and her finance were married this last Saturday, on May 19
  • Preparing to move here in several weeks
  • Learned how to make a video and record the wedding
  • Leading a double LifeGroup with a friend
  • Talking with friends and teammates
  • Diving into the topic of the Holy Spirit in Acts
  • Realizing that Pentecost and Memorial Day fall on the same weekend this year (Pentecost is Sunday)
  • Attending events for my newest official younger cousins
  • Hanging out online at #kidminchat on Twitter (Monday mornings at 10:30am ET)
  • Working on projects
  • Surfing through free church resources from OPEN
  • Making new friends and learning new songs at Celebration Church online
  • Attempting to go to bed earlier
  • Enjoying the beautiful weather by running daily or biking with dad
  • Eating pizza
  • Spending time with God
  • Finding new favorite songs thanks to one of my physical churches or wherever I first learned it – Who Is Like Our God by Skillet
  • ….

Looks like if I thought about it I’d have something I could blog daily here..maybe I’ll start sharing something from what I’ve been reading, learning, or sensing that day..we’ll see.

What have you been up to lately? If you are a blogger have you been struggling to keep up with blogging or has it been easy? 


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