Reflecting on the events of the Resurrection. Are you excited for Easter or Sunday?

Been thinking about Easter, Lent and how things seem to be going by so fast this year. Trying to get excited about Sunday but before that we have to remember how much Jesus had to suffer, the pain he went through, and how he died for us. Because of our sin…the Good News though is that he did it so that we could be forgiven and live with him in heaven one day..because..he loved us.

From the older contemporary song..Lord I Lift Your Name..we get a good summary for today when thinking about this.

You came from heaven to earth to show the way

From the earth to the cross my debt to pay

From the cross to the grave

From the grave to the sky

Lord I lift Your Name on high

Thinking about the cross that Jesus died on, the events of the resurrection, and all he went through for us. I’m thankful that he did this for you and for me and that there is the tradition of Lent and Holy Week to help us prepare, remember, and get excited about the resurrection. Sure we could be get excited about the Easter Bunny or Easter Egg Hunts too but those are only exciting if you get to help or participate, for me..I’m supposedly too old with other things to do so I’ll get excited about Jesus being alive, and reflecting on the resurrection.

Are you excited about Resurrection Sunday or Easter this year? If so, share why! 


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