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Have you heard about Restore. Thinking about a short term mission trip this summer? Wondering how your group can better reach your neighbor’s, community, or the world? Looking for a great small group curriculum that is focused on missions? Restore may just be for you!

Hanging out with a small group last Thursday night watching an engaging 20 minute video on missions, and then diving into a discussion time about it was amazing. Talking about how to get better at doing good, ways to reach out to our neighbors and friends in ways that will help them vs hurt them, and learning that building relationships is one of the first steps to reaching people was great. Not only did I make friends but I also learned a lot from the video and discussion.

If this sounds like a curriculum you’d be interested in, joining an online group like what I’m in, or going through it with your small group and learning how to “do better at doing good” (modified quote), check out the following options.

*Restore is a free, 3 session, small group curriculum created by

Are you in a Restore group, or considering using it for a group with your church?


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