Seeds Conference 2012 – session 4 notes – Ed Young

Ed Young – Leadership

  • We should fear God. Not in an unhealthy way, but in a healthy way.
  • I’ve got to instill some sort of fear into people’s lives as a leader.
    • Don’t apologize for being a leader.

1. Draft impact players.

    • We’ve got to have discernment as a leaders.
    • We have to draft people who are strong.
    • Higher leaders.
    • Go through conflict. Turn around and see who’s got your back.
    • Look at their spouse.
    • How do they spell relational relief?
    • Who are they hanging out with? Take a look at Facebook.
    • Check references.
    • Draft impact players.
2. Develop double vision.
3. Change.
    • Change, conflict, growth.
4. Build a big shallow end in your church.
    • You better have a place in your church where people who just started coming and new believers can serve.
    • Have a big place in your pool where they can start serving.
    • Have a shallow end and a deep end in every ministry.
5. Put on your shades.
    • The vision should be so hot, that people gotta wear shades.
    • Make them know and feel the vision of your church.
    • You cannot talk about the vision enough.
    • Don’t assume seem people know the vision.
    • Talk about the vision.
    • People don’t give to need. They give to vision.
6. Las Vegas
    • Are you promoting what you’re doing?
    • Are you promoting the vision and provision of your church?
    • Entertainment for the heart. Promote it.
    • We should be the best promoters in the world.

7. Consult other leaders before you consult the consultant.

8. Pay now or pay later.
    • If church gets boring just through on some music and mess them up.
    • Pay your staff well.
    • I would rather ask questions then read books.
    • Don’t short change your staff.
    • Pay them well.
    • It’s not how
9. Have a good hatitude.
    • What kind of hats are you wearing as a leader?
10. Deal quickly, rapidly, and efficiently with staff infection.
11. Watch the leaves.
    • No matter what you do people will leave your church.
12. Become childish.
    • The children’s ministry is the most important part of the church.
    • Put your best volunteers with the children.
13. Pick up special delivery’s.
    • Do special days.
14. Tweek.
    • Create a climate of critquing.
15. Investigate what you delegate.
    • Investigate.
    • When you give something to someone check out what you gave them. Investigate.
16. To go up you’ve got to get under.
    • I’ve got to get under the things God’s put over me and I’ve got to get over those who are under me.
    • Honor.
    • Somebody honor somebody.
    • I’m going to go where I’m celebrated not tolerated.
17. The message is the main thing.
    • The main thing is the message.
18. Become a rescuer.
    • It’s about souls.
    • The radically rescued rescue radically.
    • To fish you have to have vision.
    • It’s about souls because there’s no business like soul business.


* These are my notes and may or may not be Ed’s exact words. 

Seeds Conference


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