How to Deal with Storms In Your Life

This morning at Resurrection Life Church, my second Sunday morning church, the guest speaker, Pastor Bernie Blauwkamp, spoke on the storms in our life. During the message I thought about all of you I know who are dealing with things right now, some from the enemy and some from things you may have inflicted upon yourself, and knew I had to share this with. So, if you are wondering how to deal with the storms or spiritual warfare in your life today, check out what we talked about this morning. –

  • If we ever get a revelation of who God is, Satan won’t stand a chance. Satan has already been defeated.
  • Storms come to get us off from the Word of God.

Sometimes the storms in our life are self-inflicted. We may have caused it by our lifestyle, are hanging out with the wrong friends, or are making pour choices. In situations like this, like how Jonah inflicted his problem on himself when there was a storm at sea for the sailors because of his sin, then landing in the belly of the fish, and finally when he repented he was spit out on to dry ground in the Old Testament, we are to repent. If you inflict the storm on yourself the answer is to repent.

In other situations Satan just comes to attack us to get us off from the Word of God, he comes to destroy us. This may be getting sick when you haven’t been around sick people and have been eating, sleeping, and getting the proper amounts of exercise. Maybe Satan comes and attacks after a high point in your life and tries to bring you down, or reminds you of your past and tries to destroy you that way. Whatever if it is, if it wasn’t self-inflicted we can use the illustration of how Jesus calmed the storm in Mark 4. He spoke to the storm and commanded it to be still or quiet, and it obeyed. We have authority over the enemy just like Jesus did over the storm. In storms like this when it’s simply the enemy coming to attack you speak right to it.

  • The answer to a hard heart, offenses, is to repent.
  • The answer to a stony heart, unrepented sin, is to repent.
  • The answer to a weedy heart is to cast your cares on Jesus.

If it’s self-inflicted – repent. If it’s sent by the enemy to get you off and destroy you – speak to it.


*These notes are my way of saying what Pastor Bernie said. Comes directly from his message but may or may not be his exact words. 

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