In the midst of it all..

In the midst of online conferences, webinars, busyness, groups, crazy schedules, and just life is where I’ve been finding God lately. My life may be crazy, I probably can’t tell you what I did a few days ago besides the normal, but God was there and that’s what matters.

Just getting to know God more, reading about all the wars and how one king either followed God or they didn’t in the Old Testament and what happened each time has been fascinating. During the day when I feel overwhelmed or get off track sometimes all it takes it pausing and taking a moment to make sure God is at the center and letting him fill you up. It’s been noticing how no matter how crazy life gets that God is there and doing life with you, so encouraging, and on top of that when you invite him to use you or challenge you..he does. So pretty much life has been God and everything else lately which is pretty cool.

Getting excited about church services tomorrow, expectant and believing in what God’s going to do..he’s always there it’s a matter of whether or not you came prepared and I’m excited that more and more people are coming into services expectant and ready to worship. Then tomorrow night hanging out with the kidmin in ministry and seeing them get excited about learning. Once again it’s Saturday with Lakewood Church Online and then Church Online and tomorrow is Sunday. Get pumped about services tonight and tomorrow, if you’re not already go dive into the Word and just invite God to prepare you or immerse yourself in worship music and do the same. Come prepared to’s going to rock!

So besides my life and God being there in the midst of it and weekend services I’ve come across the song Search My Heart by Hillsong. This is totally my prayer right now and is definitely true. –

Search my heart and search my soul
There is nothing else that I want more

Shine Your light and show Your face
In my life Lord have Your way

So with all my heart and all my soul
With all I am, Lord, I will follow You

Without You I am nothing
Without You I am nothing
Without You I am nothing”


 “Without You I am nothing…” In the midst of whatever life has brought your way today, maybe your pumped and excited or maybe your down and beat, you’re nothing without God. Thank him for it and then  listen to it the song on YouTube and get excited! That’s been my life lately..

Where have you seen God in the midst of your life lately? 


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