Groundswell 2012 – Notes –

Groundswell 2012: The Church of Tomorrow Speaks Today

From the younger generation (high schoolers) to pastors and older church leaders –

  • The younger generation does things differently…not incorrectly…but differently.
  • We are meant to be in church.
  • Allow young people to serve.
  • We want to be involved & to see part of our daily lives incorporated (movies, music, etc.).
  • Be more culturally relevant. Use tools from our own culture.
  • I hope the church starts pouring in to the future of the church.
  • We have minds and we want to use them.
  • Answer deeper questions, teach deeper things.
  • Bring in younger leaders.
  • Have small groups.
  • Connect with your students.
  • Practice what you preach.
  • We don’t just want to go to church, we want to be the church.
There was a lot of really good stuff said at Groundswell this afternoon. Being a college student I can relate to a lot of this and see where they are coming from. I wasn’t able to get all the notes but from just listening there were some common themes amongst everything all the young people said. The first is that young people really do want to help out and be involved. Allow them to serve on the worship team, go on mission trips, and be involved. Using culturally relevant movies, songs, and tools from our generation would help them connect more in the church.

One things one of the young people said that I love is that when they hear one of their favorite songs being played in church or a song they know from the radio they are more able to connect and want to come back. Don’t be just about the adults but do things that connect with the students too.

The other big thing I heard is to talk about stuff that is real. Their friends go through hard things, they are struggling with relationships and sex and other real things. Talk about real stuff that they are doing with and going on in their world. For the Bible they are hungry to learn. Don’t water it down give teach it to them. Take them deeper, they want to learn.

Small groups and having a mentor or older adult to connect with they found helpful as well. They can talk about real things with people who have been there. Not just a time to talk about these issues or what is going on in there lives but also people they can hang out with and want to hang out with them. One story we heard is the time a youth pastor took the time to invest in a student and learn about video games and listen to that student and that connection opened them up to having someone to turn to when they really did need someone to listen to and eventually he came to Christ.

If you weren’t able to be at Groundswell this afternoon I’d encourage you to get the notes and read through them, or talk with the students in your church about how the church can help them more and what they’d like to see in student ministry. Maybe they are searching for a small group relationship and you don’t currently offer that, what a better way to learn that it could be effective than to talk with them.

What takeaway’s do you have from Groundswell?

* These are my notes and may or may not be the speaker’s exact words. 

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  1. Great Notes Becky. Glad you watched today

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