11 things I’ve been up to lately

Recently I’ve been up to a lot of things. It’s been kind of a blur as I really don’t remember everything but like I was learning in December you sometimes have to say no to good things so you can say yes to better things. Posting about conferences and resources and images are a good thing but sometimes it’s good to be real when blogging too. So the point of this post is for those of you who want to know what I’ve been up to and what I’m learning about.

  • Continuing to learn coding. Holding off on Javascript for now and read through html and now working on CSS when I remember with w3schools.com.
  • Learning more about youth ministry, children’s ministry, media ministry, worship ministry, social networking, etc through different webinars and tweet chats.
  • Trying to hang out online more with those on my team and those in my LifeGroup.
  • Tracking what I eat, drink, vitamins I take, etc for the herb lady. So much fun..not.
  • Thinking about upcoming online conferences like Verge 2012 and Groundswell later this week.
  • Attempting a stand up desk in the closet..yes strange..but it works and is an in the corner mostly enclosed space..lighting/noise/open space is distracting.
  • Modified a recipe that had too many directions and it turned out fine. Raisin bars are good.
  • Seeing cousins, signing a song, and seeing old friends at my mom’s home church last night during their talent night.
  • Church, church, and more church including Church Online.
  • Working on projects, sharing free resources, and finding new sites with free background loops and images for worship.
  • Learning new thing for song slides and being creative with them.  Background ideas, that PowerPoint is not made for looping backgrounds even if it does work with them in there.. spacing the lines, and just how all of this contributes to the atmosphere of worship.

What have you been up to or learning lately? Any new things or ideas you’ve been discovering about media or another ministry?


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  1. Tons of great things going on! =) Looking forward to Verge and Groundswell, both should be great. Would you happen to know if there is a link or archive for the webinars you were checking out? Wouldn’t mind seeing if I can grab some useful knowledge =)

    • Hey David, I know that Groundswell will be recorded if you want to pay for it. Other than that there are no archives that I am aware of, and how you keep up with webinars/conferences coming when is by being in the loop and having friends that enjoy conferences as much as you do. Part of it is following the right blogs, right hashtags and users on Twitter, and being subscribed to the right email lists. Not real sure where to start there. Hang around me and you’ll hear about the ones I hear about. 🙂

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