28 Great Posts on Social Networking

  1. 11-Point Facebook Checkup – Social Media Today
  2. A Social Media Strategy: Facebook – ChurchMag
  3. A Social Media Strategy: Google + – ChurchMag
  4. A Social Media Strategy: Twitter – ChurchMag
  5. Do You Need a Social Media Strategy? – ChurchMag
  6. 28 Killer Social Media Resources to Step Your Game Up – Justin Wise
  7. How Timeline Radically Changes Your Facebook Marketing Strategy – Hubspot
  8. How to create News Feed-worthy Facebook Content – SmartBlog
  9. 7 Practical Ways Organizations Can Leverage Social Media – Big Is The New Small
  10. FREE Social Media Handbook for Churches – ChurchMag
  11. 3 Ways to Boost Interaction With Your Facebook Fans – Social Media Examiner
  12. 58 Things Social Media Newbies Say & Maybe You Should too!? – The Marketing Nut
  13. 4 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Page Visibility – Social Media Examiner
  14. Five Tips for Marketing on Twitter – For Dummies – Dummies.com
  15. 15 Ways to Measure Your Ministry Social Media ROI – Justin Wise
  16. The Internet is Not a Megaphone – Church Marketing Online
  17. Five Lies About Social Media Marketing – entrepreneur.com
  18. OurChurch.Com Launches 50 Point Social Media Review Service – Christian Web Trends
  19. 5 Tips for Creating More Efficient Social Media Processes – Dave Peck
  20. 4 Ways You Can Improve Your Online Marketing Today – Christian SEO Guys
  21. 7 basic rules of Twitter etiquette – CMConnect.org
  22. How To Be Effective on Twitter – Big Is The New Small
  23. How to use Facebook to connect with families. – Sam Luce
  24. 2 Things That Will Kill Even the Best Social Media Strategy – Christian Web Trends
  25. “Rule of 3” Twitter Strategy: Balance -> Information ->Reciprocation ->Conversation – Warrior Writers
  26. Series: 7 Practical Steps to Getting Starting in Social Media – Christian Web Trends
  27. Useful Tools to Effectively Connect with Your Followers on Twitter – Dallas Data Center
  28. How to: Become Valuable on Twitter (Top 10 ways) – Blog – Orange Leaders

What is one of your favorite posts on Social Networking?


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