8 Quotes from Servolution by Dino Rizzo

Wondering how to get your church starting in serving in your local community? Looking for outreach ideas? Want to learn about reaching out and how it relates to Jesus?

Servolution is the book for you.

Reading through Servolution: Starting A Church Revolution Through Serving by Dino Rizzo has been an amazing journey. Learning about community service, hearing stories of how Healing Place Church started, and how to have a heart of service as a church has been awesome. I have a dream to see the local churches in my area unite and finding creative ways to reach out to a small community together or individually and this book has definitely inspired my interest. Check out these 8 quotes from the book. I think you will be inspired as well.

  • We were learning that whenever you find something that meets a need and makes people excited about coming to church, it is probably worth doing.
  • We found that the more we gave stuff away, the more stuff we found ourselves being given to give away.  
  • Serving people is not just something we want to do; it’s something we need to do. People discover personal healing through helping others. 
  • Our understanding of “the poor” has to include any person in any kind of bondage or under any kind of oppression who needs the freedom of Christ shown to them. 
  • It was clear to everyone that the job at hand would require far more than any single government, city, or ministry organization could handle alone. We were all going to need to work together. 
  • The church and the community should be fused, working as a unit to bring about healing. 
  • Our heart is for people to encounter the hope and love of Jesus, but whether the come to our church or another life-giving church is irrelevant. 
  • “..A significant life is about a towel. Everything else is empty.”

Dino shares a lot of ideas and stories from what they have done over the years and just makes you want to go serve someone. Lots of ideas for churches in large communities and small, large outreaches and small outreaches. If you are looking for new ideas, want to learn how to get started, need a book to share with your team to help them get on board, or simply want to be inspired, this is a book for you.

Have you read Servolution? Does your church do community outreach? 



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  1. Thanks for Sharing Becky! I want to get the book hopefully soon!

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