16 Ways To Drive Satan Mad by Becky and Leslie

In relation to some grand memories from Cheerios – for kids, teens, families, and the community?, LifeChurch.tv and At The Movies go to Mars – just for funUsing Social Networking for Blogging Ideas, and taking a twist on the currently common theme of defeating Satan a friend and I bring you these following ways to make Satan mad –
  • Prayer, Bible Study, Fellowship, Church events, …. – B. 
  • Consistent on your own time with God. – B. 
  • Joining with other believers such as at a conference where you’re immersed in the Word and the Holy Spirit. – B. 
  • Fasting, especially united efforts like Awake 21.  B. 
  • Great God plans coming for your school, community, church, or work place. – B. 
  • Spending more time with God and friends so as to resist him. – B. 
  • Telling others how to resist him and being united against him. – B. 
  • Welcoming God into every part of your day and life. – L. 
  • Giving God the glory publicly instead of taking the pride for yourself. – L.
  • Representing Him in everything you do. – L.
  • Telling Him everything just because you want to- although we know he already knows, but just because He is so important to you! – L. 
  • Living out your Chazown in His name! – L. 
  • Keeping steady faith regardless of the circumstances. – L.
  • Giving and sharing in His name through obedience! – L. 
  • Tithing. – L. 
  • Serve God and for God! – L. 

This post didn’t have the randomly strange type of fun the others had but is definitely related. I’d love to do another Twitter conversation or hang out on here discussing a topic. Blogging is about blogging and sharing but it’s also very much about community and connecting with others. I’m dreaming about ways to have that kind of fun again like there was in the three above. Is anyone else interested in having this type of fun???

If you’re interested in being a part of something comment below and let me know. If you have topic ideas for a fun conversation share that as well!


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