What do you do when Satan comes to attack you?

Once again he is after me. After days of being up high and sold out on the mountaintop it is once again time to come down. Passion 2012, to Code Orange Revival, with Awakening mixed in there as well, it’s been a good time on the mountain and surrounded by lots of friend and believers. Now that most of these high points are over for now Satan knew it was his best chance to come after me for awhile and he sure did. Along with a dreary day, chilly weather, and waking up tired he knew it was the perfect chance.

Does this sound familiar to you? Maybe you’ve been doing these conferences/revival along with me and you’re facing this trouble as well with Satan attacking you. What do you do when he comes after you? How do you remain in a spot where he can’t get you while also realizing you can’t just conference hop all the time too?

For me I’ve just come to expect his attacks the day after the big event ends and also on dreary days. Being prepared and expectant is definitely helpful. It doesn’t mean he leaves right away but knowing what to do when he comes, just like knowing First Aid or what to do during a Tornado, is definitely helpful.

So what do you do when Satan comes your way? Is he attacking you too? Check out some of these ideas and see if they can help you. –

  • Stay close to God. – Continue reading your Bible, prayer, small group, church services, and other things you’re regularly involved in.
  • Remind Satan of who you are in Christ.
  • Remember John 10:10 and tell him behind you because you’re God has come to bring you life.
  • Recite scripture.
  • Talk to a trusted Christian friend for prayer and/or accountability.
  • Tell Satan to start running because you’re chasing him down.
  • Get plenty of rest, eat right, sleep right, exercise.

What do you do when Satan comes to attack you? What have you found to be helpful? 


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  1. remember – GREATER is HE in you than he that is in the world. we overcome by the blood of Jesus – HE HAS OVERCOME for us already and led satan in a triumphant procession. and i love how james says SUBMIT to God and RESIST the devil and he will flee!

    you can do this chick!
    sure these times are to teach us and train us and to equip us!

    stay strong! and ps you’re totally doing the right things i reckon!

  2. Amen Claire! I like the next part of the verse too that says to draw near to God and he will draw near to you. Thank you for commenting, you encourage me!

  3. These are some great points. When I feel like the enemy is attacking me I make sure to stay close to God and read the bible.

  4. Thanks Becky! I enjoy this Blog! Right now the Devil is Fighting at Me, he is not going to Win, because I will and always going to have God on my Side, I will win Victorious!

  5. Robert William

    Thats true God can do any thing from nothing, when we are closer to God, there is no way to satan.

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