Code Orange Revival – Night 9 Notes – Kevin Gerald

Kevin Gerald 

God has a great plan for our future.

  • Jeremiah 29:11
  • The best days are ahead of us.
  • Expect great things from God. Attempt great things for God.
  • Don’t just stay in the comfort of the boat. Get bold.
  • If we’re going to experience the will of God we have to partner with God everyday.
  • We can not without God and he will not without us.
  • Our greatest power is our power to choose.
  • God doesn’t make our choices for us, we do.
  • The nature and the quality of our life comes from within us.

Matthew 12:35, Philippians 2:13,

  • It’s not the wind. It’s the set of the sail of our heart.
  • God’s got greater things in mind for our future.
  • Turn emotion into devotion and make some real life commitments.
Forces That Form Your Future –
How Different Would My Life Be If..
      • My seeds were sown different?
      • My beliefs had been different?
      • My relationships had been different?
      • My habits had been different?
      • My dreams had been different?
      • My thoughts had been different?
      • My feelings had been different?
      • My personal values had been different?
      • My words had been different?
  • Jesus loved you just like you were but he doesn’t want to leave you just like you are.
  • He blessed us. He chose us. He lavished his love on us. He predestined us.
  • He crowned us with glory.
  • He made me to have dominion over the works of his hands.

1 Corinthians 15:33

  • Do more than have emotion, have devotion.
  • You’ve gotta clear the way for God assigned connections to come into your life.
  • Greater things.
  • This is more than about emotion, it’s about devotion.


*Note: These notes are my own and may or may not be the exact wording of Kevin Gerald. For more information visit –

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