Lots happening lately..

There has been a lot happening around here lately. We had Passion 2012 last week and after blogging that I think I kind of took a break without realizing it. Blogging conferences really gets to you and when it’s over, especially for me, you’re like “what do I post about next..the thing I was talking about is over now.” So that’s where I’ve been lately as well as catching up on some projects, learning more about social media, eating fruit at night, digging deeper into God’s Word with the LifeGroup, thinking about what conference is coming up next, overcoming a cold, and learning more about the Nashville Numbers System. It’s been a crazy time since the conference and starting tomorrow (today for some of you) is Code Orange Revival with Elevation Church. I’ll only be blogging the nights I catch it.

I don’t know about you but the first of the year has been crazier than ever. Tons of new things coming up, definitely thinking this is a year for discipleship and connecting with other ministry leaders. I’m not sure how this will go about but God does and I’ll be sharing more as I know and can release it. When you say no to good things and say yes to wherever God’s leading…sometimes life gets a little crazier for awhile as you start saying yes to him. Last year was more or less a year of reflection and increase and this year I think is a year of connection and wherever else God leads.

Last bit of news for you is the release of the free Church Online Platform. If you’re looking to start an online campus or broadcast your services online I’d recommend checking it out. It’s free, comes to you from LifeChurch.tv, the makers of YouVersion, and OPEN, as well, and it’s awesome. Check it out!

This has been my first post in hopefully more to come that talk specifically about life and where I’m at. Most will likely be your typical conference, and series posts, but some like this will also start to be more personal as well.

Leave a comment below and share how the first of your year is going? How is God working in your life? What are you expecting in 2012?


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