Saying no to good things so I’m ready for wherever God is leading

It’s been a good busy week. Sister and her fiancee are home, I’ve been subbing at the office, learning about conferences going on, thinking about youth ministry, children’s ministry, media ministry, outreach ministry, creative arts ministry, and getting excited about Passion 2012, Code Orange Revival, and Awake 21 all coming up in January. 

Laying here late at night after Church Online I remembered about Code Orange Christmas from Elevation Church last weekend and decided to listen. This message inspired me and is similar to Craig Groeschel’s Christmas message on “Emmanuel” which means “God With Us.” I know so many people who need to hear this message right now, that God is with them. Whether you’ve been sick, ill, in the hospital, struggling emotionally or spiritually, or just want to listen to the message this is for you. 

“God Is With You.” He is Emmanuel: God with us. He is with you right now, in this very moment. Reach out to him, draw near to him, and he will draw near to you. 

Another thing I’ve been thinking about is 2012, I talked about this in the last post and some other recent posts, and so for those wondering the following is what is going on. 

A couple of the churches I’m involved in do an annual first of the year fast. Wanting to do this with them but knowing that fasting from food is not for me right now I allowed God to speak through some circumstances and start revealing what he wanted me to give up for the fast.

This started with just giving up Facebook chat for most of the day, so I can be more productive online, and has turned into simplifying my schedule as well. I’m saying no to some good things so I can be more available to wherever God is leading. 

It’s kind of like a surprise present, an adventure, or possibly a journey in the car to a fun unknown location. It’s as if he has a surprise present but is waiting for just the right time. As his child, to receive this gift you may need to be prepared for it. Kind of like to get a bike without training wheels you must first learn to ride a little kid bike, then training wheels, and then finally you get your big kid bike. It’s similar with God, he has been preparing me, and continues to, and at this stage of preparation for whatever is to come next it involves me saying no and obeying in this so I’m ready and more available for whatever is next.

So, this January, 2012, I’m not really fasting from anything like you might typically think of, but will be continuing to simplify my schedule and make myself available for wherever he may be leading. Along with this comes Awake 21, online conferences, Code Orange Revival, new reading plans, and whatever else is happening in January that I may be unaware of. These things are meant to help you grow closer to God and start the year out right.

Today, at the end of 2011 I am ready for 2012. I am ready for what it will bring and am excited. 2011 was a year of increase, and I can’t wait to see what 2012 will be. Our year began with New Year, New You – Putting God First In The New Year, and I don’t know about you but I’m ready to “keep God first in the new year,” and continue to work on making him completely #1 in my life.

Are you ready for 2012?  Are you ready to keep or put God first in this new year? What are you anticipating for the new year?  Tell us about it. Join the conversation by leaving us comment in the section below.


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