New Years Blog Resolutions for 2012

So many ideas going through me. It’s almost Christmas, just another week, and there is a ton of things to think about.

Reading through my twitter feed and the one I help with earlier today I came across a youth ministry news page online  which led to finding many great youth and student ministry blogs and other leaders to follow and connect with. Learning from them and some others I’ve been thinking about how I have experience to some degree in worship, children, youth, media, and social networking ministries and how my experience, blogs I read, and other aspects could probably help you guys as well. I share some on Facebook and Twitter but not usually here on the blog. I have a new New Years resolution.

Starting today and in 2012 this blog will continue to be about Christ, Church, Change, Community, and Children but will lean more towards church ministry, what I’m learning through being involved, and church resources I’m finding that can help you as well. If you were around a couple years ago when my tag line was what’s happening beyond 140this is kind of what I’m going back to. The blog will relate and expand on what I’m sharing on Twitter and Facebook relating to mostly ministry, as well as have some unique posts of it’s own.

This coming week will be mainly about Christmas and reading through the Christmas Story. The following week will be post Christmas and heading into the New Year.

I’m looking forward with connecting with all of you who are in the church ministry field as well as those who are interested in this topic or who read just because you know me.

Do you have a New Years resolution for your blog? Who are you hoping to reach in the new year? 


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  1. Looking forward to reading about youth ministry and seeing how your new focus goes.

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