What I Learned in BibleX LifeGroup

Tonight in LifeGroup we learned that no matter our emotion or what is going on in our lives that we can turn to God. Sometimes we may be praising God, other times it’s about someone who hurt us or we are hurting, and other times we may be praying a prayer of thanksgiving to God. Using the BibleX curriculum we learned as well that these Psalms can be categorized into Hymns of Praise, Lament, and Songs of Thanksgiving and then wrote our own psalm which I’ll share in the next post. If you are looking for a small group to join (online or offline), or want to join this one click here for more information.

Growing together, gathering together, learning together, and having fun together; if you’re not already in a small group find one today!

What is your favorite thing about small groups? Are you in a group, searching for a group, or wanting to learn more about groups?


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