The Nines 2011 – How I Do Vision – 10-10:30am notes

JD Greear – The Summit Church (Durham, NC) – Scattered Church

  • The power of the church scattered is more significant than the church gathered.
  • We believe our church’s success should be measured more by our “sending” capacity than our seating capacity.
  • The power of God was to be taken place through the members of the community.
  • Empower your people.
Scott Lehr – Southbridge Fellowship (Raleigh, NC): Vision is a Pain
  • Vision is often birthed in pain.
  • Think about your vision and where it comes from.
  • Andy Stanley says that vision is a picture in our mind about what could be a passion in our heart about what should be.
  • God help me to see people the way you see people.
  • What is your vision? Is it birthed in pain?
  • The key question to ask yourself is “Who gets the glory if your vision is accomplished?
Todd Bishop –  The Point Church (Long Island, NY) : Vision of an Identity Crisis
  • What has God called us to envision?
  • Be original.
  • Be who God designed you to be.
  • God has called us to be original. Not to duplicate other churches.
  • Ephesians 2:10
  • Your church is God’s masterpiece.
  • Make your vision original.
  • Be original and watch what God will do in and through your life.
Troy Gramling – Potential Church (Cooper City, FL) : Use the Calendar
  • Create anticipation.
  • Use social media.
  • Anything worth focusing on really makes a difference.
  • Focus your online presence on that series.
  • Work hard to market to the staff. If they are excited they’ll invite invite invite.
  • Always plan that big day to leverage the next weekend.
Bryan Carter – Concord Church (Dallas, TX) : 8 with your Mate
  1. Spiritual – What are we doing to grow in our relationship with God?
  2. Professional – How can we grow in ministry?
  3. Financial – How can we get out of debt? How can we plan for retirement?
  4. House – What do we need to do around the house?
  5. Family – How can we be growing our kids? How can we grow their character?
  6. Marriage – Date nights, anniversary plans, etc
  7. Health – How can we better care for our bodies?
  8. Fun – What kind of vacations are we going to take? What are our plans for fun?
Take a vacation.
Tara Jenkins – Learning from Culture
  • Don’t just be biblical but also be practical.
  • Be radical enough to study culture.

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