The Nines 2011 – Vision – 1:15-1:40pm notes

Sam Chand Samuel R. Chand Consulting (Atlanta, GA) : CON-Vision
  1. CON-fidence is is about me understanding that I need to move forward in confidence without arrogance.
  2. CON-vergence. Convergence is about the big picture – how did I get here? Who were the connectors?
  3. CON-gruence. Congruence is about the resources.
  4. CON-fluence. How is everything flowing so that I can communicate it.
Chad Hunt – Caveland Church (Cave City, KY) : Bearded Vision
  • Vision cannot be taught. It can only be caught.
  • Cast the vision to your key leaders and then to the body.
  • Your leadership needs to be on board with your vision.
Chris Elrod – Compass Point Church (Lakeland, FL) : Be a Release Freak
  • Great leaders are never control freaks.
  • “We can’t create the wave, we can only ride the wave when God does.” Pastor Steven Furtick
  • Control is an illusion.
  • What are the two or three things that only you can do?
  • If somebody in leadership can accomplish 80% of what was on your mind and you heart, then don’t worry about the other 20%.
  • If I had forced 100% God would have never moved.
Dave Ferguson – Community Christian Church (Naperville, IL) : The Scorekeeper
How to Keep Score –
  • What if we started COUNTING what we say we believe in?
  • We need to measure what we value.
  • We will work toward what we measure.
  • You have to measure what you say you value.
  • Keep measuring the “typcial” measurements, but choose also to measure those you are “sending and reaching”
Wayne Ensley – Soles 4 Souls : Decision Time!
  • Your next step is to make a resolution which will get that problem solved.
  • What are you doing about that elephant in your church, in your business?
  • What is your next step to resolving that issue?
  • Let’s stop talking about this and start doing something. Quit talking and start doing.
  • Make decisions that take you where you need to be.
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