The Nines 2011 – Time – 12:10 – 12:40pm notes

Jon Acuff – Dave Ramsey Organization (Nashville, TN) : 90% beats 100%

3 fears – starting, failing, and success.

  • Am I being productive.
  • 90% perfect and preached is always more productive than 100% and still on your desk.
  • Matching the right level of energy with the right time.
  • Match the right level of energy to the right activity.
  • Make a list of activities & assign energy level.
Michael Fletcher – Manna Church (Fayetteville, NC) : I am a Habitual User
  • Time is like money.
  • Margin is like a time savings account.
  • Even God rested! He didn’t spend all His time, and neither can we.
Perry Noble – Newspring Church (Anderson, SC) : ALL of them!
  • All nine topics in less than 5 minutes.
  • Preaching and teaching – preach out of the overflow of what God’s doing in our life.
  • Time – You manage the schedule, not the schedule manages you.
  • Staff – Care about your staff.
  • Marriage and Family – Treat my wife like she is my bride, treat your church like they are the bride of Christ.
  • Vision – Vision is listen to God, do what he says. Vision comes from time with the Lord.
  • Money – Give 10% to God, the tithe. Give to God, give generously to God, help others, spend the rest on whatever.
  • Disciple – He is discipling teenagers.
  • Gracefulness – Lord increase my compassion level. Have as much patience with them as Jesus would have with them.
  • Physical and emotional energy – I work out. I believe pastors ought to work out and take care of their physical body. Emotional energy – I see a counselor.
Tim Stevens – Granger Community Church (Granger , IN) : Plan to T.I.M.E.
  1. Everything goes on the calendar. Putting priority stuff first.
  2. Stack meeting days. Putting all of my meetings on one or two days. Have a couple days a week where I have very few days.
  3. Calendar rests. Slot times for rest.
  4. I manage my travel schedule.
  5. Leave room for people and leave room for God.
  6. T. ouch I. nspire M.otivate E.ncourage
Tony Jones – Solomon’s Porch (Minneapolis, MN) : You can Write
  • You can write even if you’re in full time ministry.
  • Train your body to get up early.
  • If you want to be a writer retrain yourself to get up early and take those very quiet hours to write.
Dam Kimball – Vintage Faith Church (Santa Cruz, CA) : Imitating Leaders
  • Hebrews 13:7
  • Manage your time for successful lifelong ministry.
  • Fall in love with Jesus more than we fall in love with church ministry.
  • Serve in your areas of giftedness more often than in the things that drain you.
  • Never stop meeting with people outside of the church.



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