The Nines 2011 – Staff – 6:25-6:50pm notes

Scott Williams – Next Level Solutions (Oklahoma City, OK): Manger or Leader

  • B.E.C.C. Leadership – B.elieve E.ncourage C.hallenge C.orrect
  • The difference between leaders and managers is that leaders develop followers while managers manage resources.
  • Positional equity is key in the role of manager. Leaders focus on developing followers.

10 things –

  1. Essence. Managers are all about stability, leaders are about change
  2. Rules. Managers make the rules, leaders break the rules for the sake of the organization.
  3. Approach. Managers plan the details, leaders set the direction.
  4. Culture. Managers execute, leaders shape the culture.
  5. Conflict. Managers avoid conflict, leaders use conflict because they realize that there’s no movement without friction.
  6. Direction. Managers like to use existing roads, leaders like to create new roads.
  7. Credit. Managers tend to take credit, leaders tend to give credit.
  8. Decisions. Managers make the decisions, leaders tend to facilitate decisions.
  9. Vision. Managers tell – leaders sell.
  10. Style. Managers are transactional, leaders are transformational.
  • Be a world changer, be a leader.
Stephen Brewster – Cross Point Church (Nashville, TN): Creative Mojo – Straight Up!
9 ideas that will jump start your creativity –
  1. Pray.
  2. Collaborate. Collaborate with your team, and other people.
  3. Change your canvas.
  4. Change your soundtrack.
  5. Study.
  6. Change your question.
  7. Start to subtract.
  8. Read.
  9. Go to your “bucket.” Fill your bucket with ideas.
Carey Nieuwhof – Connexus Community Church (Barrie, ON): Feel Free
  • It’s important to realize that you are a part of the Kingdom of God, but you are not the entirety of the of the Kingdom of God.
  • Just because it’s a good idea doesn’t mean we have to do it.
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  1. These are some great notes. I really like the difference between a manager and leader. Thank you for sharing.

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