The Nines 2011 – Staff – 1:40 – 2:10pm notes

Dino Rizzo – Healing Place Church (Baton Rouge, LA) : One Man’s Honor

  • We believe in the power of this word: honor.
  • We cannot let honor exit the DNA of our staff.
  • Honor is essential to leading a high quality staff team.
  • To dishonor is to take something lightly.
  • You don’t say “thanks,” you say “thank you.”
  • Look for ways to honor the people who have stood in the gap for you!
  • What you fail to honor you eventually lose.
Eric Bramlett – Community Christian Church (Naperville, IL) : Brainstorming
  • The art of multi-tasking.
  • Consider what your creative meetings look like.
  • Consider relaxing and letting people participate the best way they know how.
  •  Some people need to have their laptop open during meetings.
  • You shut down their outlets and they’ll shut down their participation.
Jenni Catron – Cross Point Church (Nashville, TN) : The Four Dimensions of Leadership
  1. Self-leadership – begins and ends with yourself. Model being a self-leader.
  2. Managerial leadership or Organization leadership –  We help move the organization forward.
  3. Visionary leadership – These are the leaders who naturally give hope and a clear picture of the future.
  4. Spiritual leadership – Your team needs you to speak into their lives – they need you to be praying for them – they need you to care for their soul.
It’s important that every leader work to develop skill in each of these areas – even if it doesn’t come naturally.
Jorge Acevedo – Grace Church (Cape Coral, FL) : High Reward
  • High accountability comes before high reward in ministry.
  • 1. How is it with your soul?
  • 2. How is it with your ministry?
Keld Dahlman – Aarhus Valgmenighed : Sustainable Staff
  • Extended family.
  • An extended family is a network of people that share a common vision for the Kingdom of God and share resources to accomplish that vision.
Charles Lee – Ideation (Torrance, CA) : Fight Club
  1. Invite people to fight.
  2. Determine some basic rules. What’s allowable? What’s out of bounds? Who makes the ultimate decision?
  3. Play by the rules and model the fight.
  4. Keep the fight underground. Determine who needs to be involved in the conversation.
  5. Celebrate the win together.
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