The Nines 2011 – Preaching – 12:40 – 1:10pm notes

Larry Osborne – North Coast Church (Vista, CA) : Preaching over the Long Haul

  • Keep a chart.
  • Share the pulpit.
  • Start with a mirror instead of binoculars every time you speak the scriptures.
Brady Boyd – New Life Church (Colorado Springs, CO) : A Sermon in Five Minutes
  • Study with a team.
  • If you can’t communicate the big truths of your message in 5 minutes or less you won’t be able to do it in 30 minutes.
Charles Jenkins – Fellowship Missionary Baptist (Chicago, IL) : Beginning with the End in Mind
  • Jesus depends on us to preach his message to the masses.
  • Have a clear teaching idea.
  • Begin with the end at the beginning. What do we want people to leave with?
  • “Study to show yourself approved. ..”
  • We want God to approve our delivery.
  • Many of us need visual aids to add to what is said.
Jared Wilson – Middletown Springs Church (Middletown Springs, VT) : No “Silver Bullet” Here
  • My sermon ought to serve the biblical text rather than my sermon serving the sermon.
  • Trust the Holy Spirit to do what the Holy Spirit does.
  • Make sure that Jesus is the star of the message.
  • Make the Gospel the central theme of the message.
Neil Cole – Church Multiplication Associates (Long Beach, CA) : Teach them to Teach

  • When you’re a dynamic speaker people will want to come and hear you speak.
  • Eph. 4:11 gifts…not to do ministry, but equip saints to do the work of ministry.
  • All Christians are supposed to teach (Great Commission).
  • We are all to be teachers.
  • We learn more by teaching than by being taught.
Greg Surratt – Seacoast Church (Mount Pleasant, SC) – No Life without Whiteboards
  • Whiteboard your sermon [use a whiteboard].
  • It begins with message planning.
  • Pray and listen. Study through the scriptures.
  • Get feedback and bathe it in prayer.
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