The Nines 2011 – Physical – 6:50-7:15pm notes

Angela Yee – University Covenant Church (Davis, CA): Ministry is Like Cooking

Tools to help you pay attention to warning signs so you don’t get sidelined:

  1. Thermometer
  2. Timer – when it goes off it’s time to stop.
  3. Measuring cups – God did not call us to do someone else’s work.
What are some of the warning signs you need to pay attention to?
Pete Briscoe – Bent Tree Bible Fellowship (Carrollton, TX) – Good Outside and In
  • In ministry, work is never done. Can easily get “fried”
  • Find someone to work with (maybe even dual purpose)
  • Take specific steps to improve health
Jeff Wells – WoodsEdge Community Church (The Woodlands, TX) – What I Need
  • I still run 60-70 miles a week. I also lift weight.
  • Meet with God every day
  • Spend time with wife, run, read, eliminate hurry
  • Don’t let criticism crush me, let go of anger, need more gratitude
  • We need  to laugh more.
Michael Slaughter – Ginghamsburg Church (Tipp City, OH): No Do – Overs
  • No do-overs in life. Pyramid of health:
  • – Eating healthy–fats, carbs, sugars
  • – Aerobic exercise
  • – Resistance exercise
Travis Johnson – Life Pointe Community Church (Homestead, FL): From Disgust to Conviction
  • Decide to do something!
  • Quit eating processed food
  • Tracked what I ate and exercise
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