The Nines 2011 – Money – 3:25-3:55pm notes

Toby Slough – Cross Timbers Community Church (Argyle, TX) : Leaders are Dream Matchers!
  • Before God can do something in church, God’s got to do something in you.
  • Simplicity.
  • You can’t talk to people about being more generous until equip them to increase margins.
Bill Cornelius – Bay Area Fellowship (Corpus Christi, TX) : God is the Safety Net
Five things –
  1. Senior Pastor is the chief fund-raiser. Lead financially.
  2. Learn how to budget on a shoe-string budget.
  3. We have a slim staff. I would rather have 5 staff and pay them like 7.
  4. Go to multiple services as fast as you can.
  5. Remember money is a tool for evangelism, not a safety net. God is your safety net.
Bruce Miller – Christ Fellowship (Mckinney, TX) : Transparent Accountability
  • Transparent accountability
  • How do you handle times when receive money from outside church (speaking, writing,etc)?
  • Give a financial report to your Elders of how you’re spending the money.
  • Transparent accountability has avoided problems.
Charles Hill – Talk it and Live it!
  1. Talk it.
  2. Live it.
  • Be both compassionate and straight up with people about the subject of money.
  • Live it out. You have to be bold.
Rick Mckinley – Imago Dei Community – Portland OR – Money is Messy!
  • We need to desire Christ more than things & be more secure in Him than how much we have.
  • Security comes from God.
  • What resources have I been given that I can joyfully give at the cross?
Scott Wilson – The Oaks Fellowship (Red Oak, TX): Money Back Guarantee
  • Help people in your church grow in the area of giving.
  • God says test him in this.
  • Did a 3 month tithe challenge and if for whatever reason God didn’t come through they could come tell me and get their money back.
  • This is a place of compassion.
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